Co-living complex near the University of Porto

Project description

The property was purchased directly from the heirs of a veteran family in Porto. The property was originally a large three-story residential house. The ground floor served as a garage and included a warehouse and workshop, the first floor has the family bedrooms and a second floor for the maid's room, kitchen and service areas.
The property was purchased in poor condition and required significant renovation and structural changes to fit the investment strategy.

  • StatusClose
  • Project FinancingSuccessfully completed
  • TypeResidential
  • Size320 sqm
  • Number of Investors 5

Investment Strategy and Objectives
Renovation and structural changes to a property located 500 meters from the University of the Arts in Porto (6 minutes walk) in order to convert it to 8 units that will serve students and digital nomads, with co-living style common areas.
* Co-Living - Used to describe residential real estate projects and shared workspaces for people with a common profile and interest.

The property after renovation

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