If you’re considering buying property in Lisbon or Porto, GOVI is positioned to accelerate your return on investment with complete access to local buying, development and legal processes in accordance with up-to-date laws and regulations of Portugal and your highest investment standards.
Our investment property services extend to foreign investors from around the world and offer direct financial and operational control of property purchases in Portugal with expert guidance on finding the best possible prospects to align with your investment goals and timeline.
Investment Property in Portugal
At GOVI, we professionally seek out and allocate your ideal property

At GOVI, we professionally seek out and allocate your ideal property with a thorough screening process to ensure that each property meets your budget and yield requirements and is best-suited for optimal ROI.
Our property evaluation experts maintain market connections with private sellers, developers and local real estate agencies in Lisbon and Porto metropolitan areas for access to properties with the most investment potential for both short-term and long-term goals.
To achieve your purchasing and legal obligations, GOVI helps secure an accredited and fully-qualified local attorney to enact your legal property purchase in Lisbon or Porto in accordance with the latest laws and in your best legal interests. 

As your liaisons of all legal processes involved with real estate investment in Portugal, GOVI keeps you informed on current laws while representing your affairs with local authorities, banks, attorneys and sellers.
Our comprehensive knowledge of the Portugal real estate market and our proven negotiation skills ensure that best efforts are made to procure desirable real estate at the lowest rates and under the most favorable terms.
We welcome your visit for a personal tour and screening, to perform purchasing negotiations, for bank visitation and to secure finances and any legal consultation, and are more than qualified to perform all of these actions on your behalf or in your company while offering our professional knowledge and guidance to your greatest possible advantage.

GOVI keeps you informed on current laws

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