In recent years, Portugal has been a very attractive destination for real estate investment by investors worldwide, for numerous reasons:
  • The high return on investment for properties 
  • Portugal’s attractive location 
  • The low investment threshold 
  • The potential for betterment
  • The tax treaty between Portugal and many countries (which allows for offsetting the Taxes required for payment in Portugal) 
  • The golden visa 
  • The massive surge in incoming tourism 
  • And the stable banking system, which gives loans and mortgages

In recent years, Portugal has been a very attractive destination for real estate investment by investors worldwide ...

Portugal has become one of the most popular real estate investment destinations for the following reasons:

  • Affordable property - Portugal, like other European countries, was experiencing an economic crisis up until a few years ago, which led to a significant drop in real estate prices. While real estate prices across the country have gotten back on track in the past two years, there are still attractive properties available throughout the country compared to similar properties elsewhere in Europe.
  • An increasingly popular tourist destination - Portugal is considered one of the most visited countries in the world with over 20 million tourists every year! This fact makes vacation rentals and Airbnb apartments attractive for short-term, medium-term and long-term real estate investment.
  • A wide range of properties across the country - Real estate investments in Portugal mainly focus on investments in apartments and commercial space in major cities, such as Porto and Lisbon. However, you also have the option of purchasing land and farms in various areas country wide.


Financing transactions in Portugal
The Portuguese government is currently encouraging foreign investment, so the leading banks in Portugal are providing foreigners with financing services. As a foreign investor, you are eligible for a local mortgage to buy real estate in Portugal at low interest rates, which is a rare opportunity. In order to get a mortgage on the property you want to purchase, the bank will require a minimum deposit of 20% of the cost of the purchase, and will provide the remaining 80%. You must provide all the paperwork required by the investment bank, such as payslips, proof of repayment capability, and more. Before taking a mortgage, it is important to set an investment budget, wisely select the property, and then hire the services of experts who are familiar with the local banking system, procedures in Portugal, as well as the different options available to each investor. These experts will streamline the process and ensure efficient and smart risk management for the investor.
In summary, the immense number of tourists (about 70 million annually), low prices, affordable investments, and numerous investor incentives make Portugal a country with enormous potential when it comes to real estate investments, such as flats and commercial property to serve the tourist and Airbnb market. Before contacting the bank to finance a real estate transaction in Portugal, it is important to conduct an in-depth study of the market and identify the price range for various transactions. Also keep in mind that real estate transactions involve numerous risks so it’s important to consult with experts in the field. Good luck!

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