Portugal’s tourism sector is currently seeing exponential growth with investors enjoying fantastic returns on both short-term and long-term property rentals catered to tourism in popular destinations such as Lisbon and Porto. With GOVI, foreign real estate investors can do much more than purchase a property in Portugal and may avail of personal property management services on site which operate in the best interests of maximizing ROI for short-term and long-term rentals.
GOVI’s network of property maintenance services ensures that your real estate investment in Lisbon or Porto is always running up to spec and meets the highest standards of its occupants and investment purposes. Our property management services include everything from expert property marketing and advertising to adjusting seasonal rates for maximum ROI, interior and exterior maintenance and repair, cleaning, managing your online property profile, and optimizing your property’s condition to keep your future return forecasts on track or better.
For investors seeking to maximize ROI with short-term rentals through digital platforms such as Airbnb, GOVI helps achieve your goals with our very own digital marketing department where we assess your property’s competition, the local market and how to achieve the highest turnovers all year round. We utilize various digital tools and platforms to promote your property all over the world and ensure that your investment purposes are always being met regardless of the season.
With GOVI, it’s never been easier to purchase property in Portugal and start renting to eager tourists and residents keen on enjoying the local setting or pursuing long-term residency options in favor of the unique amenities offered by your property. Our management services give you the peace of mind in knowing that your property remains in quality condition throughout the year and operates on the best possible rental terms in respect to your investment.

GOVI’s expert management of your property’s online visibility, audience engagement, and marketing potential across all mediums gives local and international prospects easy access to your property rental features with simplified transactions and direct communication with our team on hand.

At GOVI, we look forward to hosting your real estate investment as an attractive property for rent in Portugal with all the qualities of a premier residence in one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

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