With local financing and mortgage procurement services from GOVI, foreign real estate investors can make a profitable purchase through the assistance of leading financial institutions right here in Portugal. We specialize in helping you secure a property investment mortgage in Portugal on the best terms available with loans up to 80% of the property’s value in several lucrative real estate locations across the country.
GOVI follows your lead with a professional assessment of your investment goals and puts you on the fast track with quick and detailed preparation of your mortgage criteria and handling of all necessary submission requirements and legal documentation. By taking advantage of GOVI’s experience and familiarity with local bank conditions and proceedings, investors can focus on aligning their budget and investment goals with the most profitable opportunities available.

With loan terms up to 80% of the property’s value, Portugal investors can enjoy the flexibility of buy-to-let, development, resale and other real estate investment options with affordable amortization options and exclusive packages with a maximum projected ROI.
GOVI’s connections with leading local banks including the Caixa Investment Bank makes acquiring a property investment mortgage as simple as creating a budget, choosing your preferred property, and letting us handle the rest. We’ve worked with clients from all over the world and provide notarized translations of all bank documents which grant clients full authority and the convenience of handling their mortgage proceedings from any location in the world.

At GOVI, investors will find that Portugal’s real estate market is more accessible than ever with professional mortgage procurement services through local banks offering attractive loan options to foreign investors from many nations.

Together with our buying, legal support liaison, and property management services, a property investment mortgage in Lisbon and Porto allows investors to take part in Portugal’s ongoing tourism and development boom without waiting another moment.

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